January 1, 2018

Blessings my friends!

My name is Cyrynda Walker, and I am The Chronic Mama.  I am a 54-year-old single mom of one.   I live in a small town in central Florida, where I home school my son, volunteer at my church, and pursue a Bachelor's degree in psychology in Southern New Hampshire University's online program.  I am a Chronically Awesome Warrior (www.chronicallyawesome.org) and an Invisible Disabilities Advocate (www.invisibledisabilities.org).  I also live with a long list of chronic illnesses, both physical and mental, and have done so since the day I was born.  Among the illnesses I live with are, in no particular order of importance:  bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, type II diabetes, chronic migraine, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and several others. 

As I was searching online for support groups, I found that many were what I considered to be big pity parties.  People were just posting about how miserable they were.  God really put it on my heart that He wanted me to create a place to which chronic illness sufferers could come for support, to be encouraged and uplifted.  A place where people could ask for prayer and could pray for one another, and engage in multi-faceted conversation.  As my current hosting platform doesn't accommodate the conversation part at this time, if you feel moved to share or engage in uplifting and encouraging discussion, please visit my companion Facebook Group by clicking here, or go to the link on the "Online Communities" page.  You can also get there by clicking the Facebook icon at the bottom of any page to get to The Chronic Mama Facebook page and navigate to the Group from there.  You are also free to post your comments and suggestions on my blogs.

It is my sincere and heartfelt desire to make this a place to which people with all types of chronic illness can come for support, information, advocacy, helpful links, and encouragement.  I ask for your patience as the site grows and develops and hopefully takes on a life of its own.  Please feel free to email me with thoughts, comments, and suggestions at cyrynda@thechronicmama.com.  Stay strong fellow warriors!  Know that you are not alone!  God and I are with you, as are the millions of other chronic illness warriors out there!

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