Headlines in the World of Chronic Illness


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People with Pain Matter

The goal of this national campaign is to encourage policymakers, members of the media, and other stakeholders to enact public policy that better supports the pain community.


Invisible Project

U.S. Pain Foundation’s flagship program, the Invisible Project, creates chronic pain awareness through the stories and photographs of real people living with pain.


Get Involved!

Congress is now considering legislation that could have the unintended consequence of limiting your access to treatments for chronic pain. In just a few clicks, you can email your lawmakers to tell them People with Pain Matter. To have the greatest impact, be sure to tell your Members how long you’ve lived in the district and/or state, how pain affects you (as a person living with pain, caregiver, etc.), and why people with chronic pain need access to appropriate treatments including multiple methodologies such as alternative care, medications, medical cannabis, and integrative approaches.


Medical Cannabis

U.S. Pain supports all avenues for individuals to obtain pain relief. Without effective pain management, many living with pain lose hope as well as a sense of meaning. It is therefore the mission of the foundation to share credible information with you that is solely directed at improving pain management.

U.S. Pain understands medicinal cannabis is a hot-topic issue. While it is not legalized in all states, momentum is growing to make cannabis a legitimate tool in the fight for relief against many chronic pain conditions. U.S. Pain supports these efforts – and with the help of our Advocacy Directors of Medicinal Cannabis, Ellen and Stu Smith – have compiled resources to educate you on this valuable option to control pain.