Online Communities

Online communities are excellent places to find support, encouragement, and information.  Some are places just for venting and sharing.  Others publish news articles and information about clinical trials.  As always, be careful what you share and with whom you share it.  Never give out personal information like passwords, financial information, addresses or phone numbers on public forums.  And please beware of people asking for money -- it's always a scam!


The Chronic Mama Facebook Group

A Christian group of chronic illness warriors dedicated to supporting, encouraging, uplifting, and praying for one another. All are welcome to engage in multi-faceted discussions about the challenges of living with chronic illness.


The Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) has hosted the Invisible Disabilities Association Community (IDAC) online since 1999!

With the IDAC now on Inspire, our members have access to over 150 support communities, more than 150 Trusted Partners like IDA and over 1,200,000 members!

JOIN HERE: The Invisible Disabilities Association Community

move against migraine

Run by doctors and experts in migraine and other forms of chronic headache, MAM's mission is to provide support and solutions for migraineurs and their loved ones by offering professional advice, treatment options, information on clinical trials, and other helpful resources. MAM is an American Migraine Foundation initiative.

The Mighty is a digital health community created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities.