September is Pain Awareness Month!

Pain Awareness Month provides an opportunity for pain warriors across the U.S. to come together and form a united front. 

This year, U.S. Pain has selected to make unity the theme for Pain Awareness Month. The #PainWarriorsUnite theme is directly connected to the pain warrior bracelet and to the idea that the people who live daily with pain should be at the forefront of all pain related discussions.  #PainWarriorsUnite #PAM2018 #USPain #30DayChallenge #PainAwarenessMonth.

Pain Warrior Bracelet

Chronic pain comes in many shades. The descriptions alone can be colorful: throbbing, shooting, aching, burning, freezing, and so many more. Pain patients rarely describe their pain by using only one of these vivid explanations. Just as there are innumerable ways to describe pain, there are countless conditions that  can cause or contribute to chronic pain; each condition is represented by its own awareness ribbon color.

Our rainbow of colors represents all the many different conditions that cause pain. The bracelet itself is a constant reminder that we are strong and that we are warriors in the fight against pain.